Attention Green Card Holders: New Changes Affecting Your Families!

If you possess a green card and are considering bringing your family to the United States, it is imperative to be aware of a recent substantial development that might impact you. The visa bulletin has undergone notable modifications. Please continue reading for an in-depth explanation.

To commence, one might inquire, “What precisely is the Visa Bulletin?” It is a periodic report, published monthly, elucidating the pace at which the U.S. immigration system operates. This bulletin provides specifics about the processing timelines of applications according to their respective categories.

I had previously indicated that this discussion would be centered around the circumstances pertaining to the families of green card holders. How did this scenario evolve? Historically, green card holders, upon initiating applications for their families, were only subjected to the standard processing duration. There was no additional waitlist for visas. Regrettably, this has undergone a change recently.

What does the current data indicate? The most recent bulletin indicates a waiting period of 5 years. However, just a month prior, the stipulated wait time was 6 years.

One might wonder, “What implications does this carry, esteemed counsel?”

To elucidate, let’s segregate the information into two scenarios: the location of the green card holder’s family, be it legally within the United States or overseas. If the family is presently in the U.S., they retain the ability to apply for work and travel authorizations through the “Adjustment of Status” procedure, provided the visa bulletin remains unaltered. However, it’s essential to note that there might be an extended wait based on the visa bulletin’s queue for the final green card approval; presently, this is projected to be between 5-6 years.

Conversely, if the family resides outside the U.S., the prospects appear less favorable. According to current Visa Bulletin information, a considerable number of individuals may face a wait of approximately 5-6 years before reuniting with their kin.

It is pivotal to note that the landscape of the immigration procedure is in a state of flux. It is my fervent hope that circumstances will improve in upcoming times. You have my sincerest well wishes and prayers.

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