The top 3 frequently asked questions about H2B and their answers

The Top 3 Inquiries Pertaining to the H2B Visa Addressed

1- Is it possible for you to facilitate employment for me to secure an H2B visa?
The mechanics of this process do not operate on that premise. In my role as a legal representative, I work on behalf of the employer. The company responsible for hiring utilizes a professional framework to identify suitable staff autonomously. Consequently, it is not within my mandate to mediate and secure employment on your behalf.

2- When is it conceivable to obtain an H2B visa?
Annually, there are two designated periods when quotas are unveiled, specifically in the months of April and October. The April window typically experiences a surge in applications.

Nevertheless, being selected in the lottery does not signify the culmination of the process. Following this, one must navigate through a series of approvals before securing an appointment at the consulate — a procedure that currently faces a backlog, resulting in a dearth of available appointments for several months.

3- What is the maximum duration permitted for a stay on an H2B visa?
The H2B visa is categorized into several tiers, each dictating a different allowable duration of stay, ranging from a maximum of 9 to 12 months. However, under justifiable circumstances, an employer has the prerogative to petition for an extension to this tenure.

Additional Insight: On rare occasions, despite not being selected in the lottery, individuals might benefit from the introduction of extra quotas. This phenomenon was recently witnessed with the April 2022 group, but a subsequent bulletin from the USCIS has confirmed that the additional allotment has, regrettably, been exhausted.

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